Why is it important to address & how to address Academic Difficulties in Children?

 It is important for each and every child and
individual to achieve academic goals not for anyone else but for himself or
herself…for their own self-esteem and confidence. 

Another major fact here is all these children
or individuals struggling with SLD or Dyslexia and/or ADHD, have average or
above average intelligence.  In simple
words, they are intelligent, but only because our education system and society
tend to gauge their potential and intelligence based on the marks they obtain,
they end up being tagged as “Academic Underachievers or Failures or The Iconic


They are intelligent, highly creative and
gifted ones and can perform well, so shouldn’t they get the required and
entitled support to showcase their potential and to achieve their academic
goals, which is a fundamental right of every human on this earth!!


So yes, this needs to be addressed and
addressed at an early stage to make things easier for the child, but it is
never too late to address and start.


How to address & What to do?

Believe in your parental gut feeling
or basic instinct.  If you feel there is
some hurdle for your child, then definitely there is one.

Once you have this gut feeling, talk
to the teachers, talk to almost everyone around you to try to understand, do a
lot of research and reading work in Google. 
Just type academic difficulties in children and read whatever you come
across only for an understanding, not everything will be applicable for your
child, but even if a few are, you need to take the next step.

Talk to a professional and seek
support and guidance and start with remedials. 
In India as of now people who are doing this are Special Educators, but
any good remedial educator or teacher who knows how to teach the child in their
way of learning will be more than enough. 
But starting remedials asap is THE most important step.

Start remedials at the earliest.  Do not wait to do some more R&D and then
start, because the more you delay the more is the academic gap that keeps
widening for your child, so even one day is important.  The gap needs to be filled as soon as
possible and keep achievable goals so that the journey becomes stress free and
achievable for the child and the parents.

Parent and teachers are the two best
advocates to address this issue in school and in home.  Remedials and special education is an
expensive business in India and abroad plus there are many other hurdles like
distance, time, travel, quality, etc.  All
these hurdles can be address if parent takes up the initiative and empower
themselves to address and remediate their child’s academic journey. 

Continue remediation to fill the gap
as much as possible.  If achieved fully,
child can continue in the regular stream. 
If there is some difficulty, child has the right to avail exemptions and
flexibilities from any school and any board. Again, her goals and expectations
must be real and achievable.

Remediation is a long process, depends
on the gap.  The wider the gap, the
longer the duration is going to be.

After remediation, if grade level
syllabus becomes difficult as the child progresses to higher standards, take
exemptions for certain subjects, writing, spelling and/or grade level
assessments. All these are available from all boards and schools as per
government notifications. So, child can avail all these facilities.

Once the child reaches 8th
grade, and passing out 10th or 12th grade looks
difficult, look for alternative ways of achieving 10th, 12 and graduation
like NIOS – National Institute of Open Schooling, IGCSE Open Schooling, Skill
based & Strength based Vocational and Graduation courses. 

Lot of flexibilities in NIOS which
benefits children who are struggling with LD and/or ADHD.


Academic achievement till graduation can be achieved easily as
there are plethora of options and courses that are available in our country
and/or abroad. There is no ready platter available, so lot of research and
search needs to be done to get all information.

Child needs support only till he or
she clears 12th.  Once they
reach graduation, they know how to take it forward as they are big enough to
manage their difficulties.


“Each and every child can and will learn.  Just teach them in their dominant learning

Everything is possible and achievable.  As adults we only need to ensure that we open
different paths for them to achieve their academic goals.

Achievance Alternative Learning Space,

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