Awareness & Acceptance Campaign


& Acceptance Campaign


         “Kaachi Maatti – Teach Me the Way I Can Learn”


you teach me in my dominant learning style?”


An Initiative by Achievance Alternative
Learning, Bengaluru to reach out to each child in a classroom who is struggling
with academic underperformance due to Dyslexia and/or ADHD or any academic
difficulty, through parents and schools.


Alternative Learning is Free & Continuous Guidance & Support Hub for
parents & teachers for academic difficulties in children – mainly due to
Dyslexia/Specific learning disability & Learning difficulty due to ADHD


Dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulty
is a condition in which child’s visual learning style & perception is a
major challenge.  In simple words,
child’s dominant learning style is not visual, hence their other learning
styles or skills needs to be developed like Audio, Kinaesthetic (Movement)
& Tactile (Touch) based learning skills.


For Eg.  Most children struggling with academics learn
the best when the content is being read out to them rather than reading,
understanding and learning on their own. 
They learn and gives the correct answer when asked orally and taken the
answer orally.  Most common sign which is
easily visible in them.


ADHD is a condition where the child’s
hyperactive brain does not allow the child to sit or stay still. 


This is absolutely beyond the child’s
control, so very important for the adult to understand that they need to be
trained on self-regulation, on basically how to self-regulate their excess of
energy so that the child can focus on one thing.  The earlier parents or teacher understands
this, the early child gets the right support to succeed.


Very important to understand and accept
that they are kids, how much will they know? 
We as adults fail to understand why kids are behaving like this and end
up blaming or judging the kid.


Parents & Teachers, please be aware
that these kids need the right remediation at the right time to learn to cope
up with their academics, as the syllabus difficulty level keeps increasing with
each grade level. Poor performance in academics leads to poor self-esteem &
confidence level, which poses a much much greater lifelong challenge than
academics to overcome.


and confidence is what prepares them to face the world, academics and learning
can happen at any time, but diminished self-esteem buds child’s growth.


Few pointers which parents &
teachers must know


Formal official
assessments are a must mainly for getting exemptions from board exams

Formal official
assessment accepted by boards are of only recognized organizations like Spastic
Society, NIMHANS, St. John’s etc., Victoria Hospital in Bangalore or NGO’s or
Government Organizations in any other city.

Special Educators are
not authorized to do formal assessment, only an RCI Certified clinical
psychologist’s formal assessments are valid, but still to avail exemptions and
all for the child, only authorized above mentioned organization’s reports are

Formal official reports
are needed only for Board exams. 
Immediate need for a dyslexic child is remedial intervention from a
sincere and committed special educator for a minimum of 1.5 years.

note, formal assessments can be done by any Certified Clinical Psychologist,
but it is always better to go for the recognized organizations as only reports
from these organizations are recognized by schools or boards. 


It is never too
to take that first step for your child, but of course the
early the better for the child and his academic journey. 

              “Teach Me the Way I Can Learn, not the way You
want me to Learn”




                                  By – Sini Biju Jose


                                          Achievance Alternative Learning,

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