Bangalore Business Solutions ( BBS)

Very soon we are launching BBS Whatsapp media Business to enhance your business growth further

This is from BBS an initiative of   Rao’s Academy

✅✅ From BBS we intend to promote your Business further @ an unimaginable rate of Rs 50 to forward your Image or Write-up only in Kannada or English

✅✅ It will reach to a minimum of 10,000 people by  Whatsapp 

✅✅Your message will be flashed once a week only

✅✅You may take 4 ads by paying Rs 200 per month 

✅✅ At any cost your Establishment Image design or Write-up should be provided by you

✅✅ Your advertised message will go across karnataka 

✅✅ Our present Tariff is for a limited period

✅✅ Accept or Not to accept the ad material to post lies with the discretion of BBS

✅✅ BBS will not take any responsibility towards the contents of the advertisement

✅✅ Regarding any Clarifications, reply will be through whatsapp

✅✅ Our business relationship is also through Whatsapp

✅✅ A Smooth transaction/ Cooperation  from your side Expected for Improving Business

✅✅For further information/Doubts if any and to receive this intimation in Kannada language please Whatsapp to 7026602990

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