`Kannadigas should recognise by Global’: Prof. H.V. Dinesh Prasad

 An Interactive session was conducted on Business and Marketing Analytics at college of Business .

Administration (CBA) University of Business and Technology (UBT) Jedda, Saudi Arabia by the  prestigious and reputed Noble Analytica, J.P Nagar, Bangalore on 7th November 2021. Eminent personalities in both academic and Business streams from Noble Analytica namely Prof H.V  Dinesh Prasad, Mr. Mohan Kumar and Ms. Kavitha conducted the session. There was a good  response from the students of UBT. Prof H.V Dinesh Prasad spoke about Introduction to Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics Mr. Mohan Kumar spoke about industry view of emerging technologies and their applications in  Business; Insights into Business Analytics, competencies required in Business Analytics and conducted  a Quiz related to the above topics.

Ms. Kavitha spoke about Marketing Analytics using Advanced Excel, applications of Artificial

Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning in Analytics Dr. Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam, associate professor of UBT co-ordinated the entire programme,  without whom the programme would not have been possible. By good response, The UBT has shown immense interest in certification courses and faculty exchange  of Noble Analytica.

Shikshana Rathna, Bengaluru

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