BANGALORE : Rainbow Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic

Hundreds of volunteers participate in Rainbow Children’s Hospital’s walkathon for creating awareness on paediatric epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated if diagnosed properly at the right time. Hence, Rainbow Children’s Hospital inaugurated the “Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic” at Bannerghatta road on Saturday.

Inaugurating the clinic, well-known actress Ms Mayuri Kyatari said, “I thank Rainbow Children’s Hospital for starting this clinic as many kids are socially isolated because they suffer from epilepsy. For a long time, we needed a dedicated clinic to treat paediatric epilepsy cases and RCH’s initiative will definitely benefit thousands of patients.”
Following the launch, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bannerghatta road organised a walkathon to create awareness where the message was bold and loud-“Epilepsy is not a curse but curable. All you need to do is to consult the right doctor at the right place so that epilepsy can be treated at the earliest.” Hundreds of volunteers led by well-known celebrity and actress Ms Mayuri took part in the walk to famous Mall center to spread awareness with placards reading-“India has nearly 12 million persons with Epilepsy. 70 pc of Epilepsy patients can be treated and rest can lead a quality life. They just need to step forward and seek medical help.” Another placard read-“Epilepsy is not genetic. It can be developed by anyone, anytime.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Akshay Oleti (Vice-president and cluster head of Rainbow Children’s Hospitals) said, “One in 20 children will have a seizure of some form during childhood. About one in 200 children have epilepsy, a neurological condition where children have recurrent, unprovoked seizures. This means that, in India, over 1,00,000 children are born with epilepsy. Children with Epilepsy need to be treated with additional care because it can cause serious developmental and behavioral issues. As the largest chain of hospitals dedicated for children, Rainbow Children’s Hospitals has the expertise and experience of treating a large number of children having Epilepsy. The Paediatric Neurology specialists have the end-to-end capability, infrastructure, and paramedical manpower support to manage such patients and provide excellent results.”
Well-known paediatric neurologist Dr Rashmi Adiga said that she has come across many cases where kids were misdiagnosed with epilepsy and if not properly treated, it could have been detrimental to their lives. To raise awareness of the disease among the general public and to raise visibility on epilepsy and encourage discussion about epilepsy, Rainbow Children’s Hospital is organising the entire month as epilepsy awareness month. As many children suffering from epilepsy face stigma and low esteem, it was time not only to treat such children but also sensitise the society that the epilepsy cure not just lies with medicine but also acceptance and offering love, care and affection and creating a truly inclusive society.

Also as a campaign extension, RCH will be driving awareness in school teachers and RWA associations in identifying epilepsy seizure trigger points and the other non-visible symptoms in children and how to handle such episodes with care.

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