Shruthi.G.Bhonsle is basically from Mysore. She born
on 8
th July 2001. At present she is studying B.Com in Amrita
University Mysore. She is very talented, hardworking and passionate person.
When it comes to her academics, she is very good and she has a bright future in
her field of education. Seeing to her achievements we can identify that she is
not only concentrating on her individualachievements at the same time she has
the responsibility and commitment to serve for society.She has done many social
works till now and she is a volunteer of A.W.O organization. She has helped
many physically challenged students to write their exams and represented her
organization as volunteer this is the rare quality of her so this quality
should be adopted by every individual in this society.

 Her All-Time Achievements

She has honored
with international social honorable award-2022 for her achievements in the
field of social work

She has honored
with ‘Navabhrath Rastriya puraskar-2022’ as ‘National women pride-2022’

She has placed 2nd
in national level business idea competition organized by ICSI as YUVOTSAVA-2022

She holds 508th
rank all over India  in national
accountancy examination conducted by national scholarship exam-NSE

She holds 542nd
rank all over India in national level English examination conducted by national
scholarship exam -NSE

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