Srinath Bidare (Autograph) Artist Profile



 Nature encompasses everything…and while doing so, provides
boundless scope for fascination and inspiration – two ingrained traits in an
artist’s mind. Ever contemplating, the creative mind transforms these thoughts
and emotions into works of art.

 Continuing to explore Nature as a subject, my ‘ARTABOVE…
ARTBENEATH’series dwells on concepts on the incredible Mother Earth. The art
forms are sculpted. They are carved. They are rhythmically flowing forms,
enhanced and beautified with highly impressive earthen colours.

 Titled“The Sedimentaries”,the collection includes some
of the recent creations based on rock formations and fossils. A surge of ideas
kept me engrossed with an endless passion. Keeping colours to the minimum and
using mixed media techniques made the journey exciting and satisfying.

 As I place the art works for your discerning
evaluation, I am reminded of a famous quotation – “The mission of Art is to
represent Nature, not to imitate her” – William Morris.

 I hope you will appreciate my humble efforts,
commitment to aesthetics and innovative use of art materials in this unique
experimentation exercise.

Bidare (Autograph) 

 Srinath’s bond with art has been a
lifetime of passion and dedication. A progressive artist, he loves mixed media
and uses unconventional tools, medium and surfaces to achieve distinctive works
of art. This is a result of his painstaking experiments – a labour of love,
over the years.

 Born in Karnataka, Srinath is an alumnus
of the Davangere Visual Arts College.Later, he went on to become an adman by
profession. After practicing commercial art for over three decades, he has
immersed himself totally in fine arts and creative photography.

 Drawing inspiration from Nature and
music, his thoughts and observations are transformed to highly interesting
pieces of art.He has a liking for minimum and tertiary colours which he wants
to master in his works. A constant thinker, he strives to create a unique piece
of work through deft brush strokes.

 A celebrated artist, having
appreciative connoisseurs of his work in India and abroad, his technique and
presentation have been well received. Srinath is also passionate about
Hindustani Classical music.

 One of his works had the distinction of being
selected for the prestigious 62
nd National Lalit Kala Akademi Award
for 2021-22. Srinath has exhibited his work in reputed art galleries such as
the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Karnataka Lalith
Kala Academy, at National level Art Events at Jaipur, Amritsar, Bhopal among
many others. He currently lives in Bengaluru.


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