Closure of Nurserymen Co-Op Society at Lalbagh.

 The Nurserymen Co-Operative society in Lalbagh was started in 1964, 58 years ago, by the than Director of horticulture Dr.Marigowda along with all the nurseries(plant nurseries) to help Bangalorean’s to procure plants, seeds, manure,.. at a fixed price under one roof.


The nurseries produce plants in their own land and sell their produce at the co-operative society in Lalbagh. There are around 600 members(nurseries) in the co-operative society who are all single shareholders and managed by elected persons. The elected persons are elected in accordance with the co-operative act under the registrar of co-operative societies.

The area of Lalbagh is 240 acres of which 1.65 acres of area is under lease to nurserymen co-operative society for the past 58 years. The remaining area belonging to the horticulture Department is 238 acres. Instead of developing 238 acres to serve the public in Bangalore, the horticulture department is harassing the nurseries and beating on the livelihood of people who are dependent on those nurseries and the co-operative society.

The horticulture Department started a similar plants counter in Lalbagh six years back. They failed miserably and had to close down the nursery within a few months.

The Nurserymen co-operative society is not a for profit entity. It is a co-operative society established for the betterment of nurseries, plant growers, and all other parties involved, similar to KMF (Nandini), Hopcoms(Vegetables),.. Who also have similar leases with the government.

Even Century club in Cubbon Park, Krishik Samaj in Hudson circle and many other such societies who are registered as for the betterment of the public have had and continue to have similar low-cost leases as The Nurserymen Co-Operative Society from a long time. The individual counters of KMF(Nandini) and Hopcom’s have setups in every neighbourhood is leased by the government to the respective entities, have been sublet to other private individuals and run as a for profit business, whereas nurserymen C0-Operative society does not sublet the land leased to it.

Since its inception The Nurserymen co-operative society has been serving the people of Bangalore in keeping the city green and reducing the greenhouse effect. It has been helping the public to get their requirements with ease to make a landscape, vegetable garden, mini urban forest, backyard spice garden, etc by providing the plants and the required materials for the same at a reasonable fixed price without mediation all at one place.

There are many young individuals like me who have taken up producing seedlings and plants and selling through the Nurserymen Co-Operative society directly to consumers. Closure of Lalbagh would drastically affect individuals like me who have recently taken up producing plants, leading to more unemployment in an already dire economy and would be a grave mistake by the horticulture department.

I Kindly request you bring awareness to the public and concerned authorities about all aspects of closing a 58-year-old institute, which is serving for the benefit of everyone.

Thanking You

Kiran R,

Bachelor of Engineering, (M.Sc. in entrepreneurial Management)

Member of Nurserymen Co-Op Society


Ph: – +91 8884440649

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