Swami Vivekananda was the inspiration for State Youth Policy, says CM Bommai

Dharwad, Jan.16:The Youth Policy of Karnataka has given importance to education, sports, culture, and personality development, and the policy is based on the message of Swami Vivekananda, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at the valedictory of the 26th National Youth Festival here on Monday, he said in the current year, the state government has formulated the schemes under Swami Vivekananda Yuvashakti Sangha to extend the financial assistance, planning, and provide marketing facilities. It will provide self-employment to five lakh youth. Under the Amrit Kreeda program, 75 sportspersons are adopted and trained. Through the rural sports meets, the rural sports talents are identified and patronaged.

Hearts of India throbs for Bharath Matha

The CM said the Youth Festival is a successful and memorable event. Thousands of youths from all over the country came to Hubballi to attend it. Though culture and life are different the hearts of Indians feel for Bharath Matha. Nationalism has held all of them. Man is an emotional being and emotion is required for the development of the nation. They had to make the sacrifice to free the nation from the clutches of the Britishers but they must live for the nation.  The nation’s development lies in the progress of everybody. The nation and the people are not separate. Times never wait for any and so they must maintain the speed to be active in life. Their focus must be on the aim. Life of youths will be joyful and hard-working, and they must use their inner strength for the fulfillment of their dreams and achieve their target.

Work hard to reach the target

Bommai said the first Indian who sealed Mount Everest, Ten Singh was a shepherd, and his mother would take him to the base of the mountain for grazing the sheep. She inspired him to climb the mountain. At the age of 42, Ten Singh scaled Mount Everest and upheld India’s prestige. “I had a dream while I was ten years old. The youth must fix the target and achieve it despite hardships.  Nothing is impossible as you can achieve anything. The intelligence of Indian youths is much higher than the youths of other countries. This is your strength.  The culture, tradition, and population are our real strengths. When India gained independence, managing the huge population was the biggest challenge. Now India has 40 percent youth population and that is our strong point”.

 State Legislative Council Chairman Basavaraja Horatti, Youth empowerment & Sports Minister Dr.K.C.Narayanagowda, Mines & Geology Minister Halappa Achar, MLAs Arvind Bellad, Amrit Desai, and others were present.

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