Outer Space may be soon worse than Bengaluru roads: Deputy Director, ISRO

Dr. V K Anandan (Deputy Director, ISRO, ISTRAC Radar Development Area (RDA) said, “Currently, the outer space requires bigger attention. Now, the alarming situation is that there is a lot of garbage in space. When I say space garbage, it is none other than space debris. As per the latest analysis, there are 30,000 objects of more than one centimetre in size and moving at a speed of 8 km per second. If the debris continues, then the space can soon become worse than Bengaluru roads.” He was speaking as a Chief Guest at the Graduation Day-2023 program organised by Dayananda Sagar Institutions on Friday. More than 7 thousand professionals from over a dozen disciplines and specialties were seen marching out from the portals of the DSI Campus to receive the certificates. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Anandan said, “Today, I am saying this because there are lots of job opportunities for students to work in the space sector. The business for Space situational awareness and space traffic management is currently estimated to be of $ 10 billion and this may go up to $ 125 billion by 2030. This will provide a lot of opportunities for space start-ups in future. Out of the space sector business, we are expecting 10 pc businesses to happen in India as currently it is a mere 1 to 2 pc.”

DSAT launch by year-end

Dr Anandan also announced the launch of the Dayananda Sagar satellite. The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) will collaborate with Dayananda Sagar University and Dhruva Space for design, development and launch of Dayananda Sagar satellite. This project will launch a DSAT space mission by the end of this year with a clear road map for another satellite launch in 2024-25.

Studying in Germany is no longer an obstacle

Many prefer to head to the US, UK or Australia as they can continue their studies in English. However, the German Government is now coming forward to help Indian students as there are a number of courses that are taught in English. Mr Friedrich Birgelen (Dy Consul General & Head of Innovation, The Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany) said, “More than 1,200 master courses in Germany are taught in English for the benefit of Indians. Moreover, language cannot be a barrier for Indians as many Indians are wizards in learning multiple languages. In India, it is common for many to have the language of at least three languages. So, if you come to Germany, it could be easier for you to pick up German as well. Moreover, my personal suggestion is that even if you learn German, it will definitely be an asset for your future. For us, issuing study and work visas is a priority.”

Manufacturing companies are ‘tidier’ like IT companies now

Mr Ravi Raghavan (Managing Director-Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd (BFW) and President, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) said, “Indian companies and products are very competitive and innovative. This is the reason why we are having many unicorns in the manufacturing sector. Gone are the days of the traditional way of engineering. The manufacturing sector which is currently contributing 17 pc of GDP will soon be contributing more than 25 pc. Let me tell you that today the manufacturing companies dont look like the ones shown in movies. They are as clean as IT or consulting firms. Many are equipped with modern technologies. Today, in shaft floors, it is quite common to hear words like data, sensors, AI and ML etc. So, I want to tell the students that even manufacturing can be an interesting career.”

Dr D Hemachandra Sagar (Chairman, Dayananda Sagar Institutions and Chancellor Dayananda Sagar University) and Dr D Premachandra Sagar (Vice Chairman, Dayananda Sagar Institutions and Pro-Chancellor Dayananda Sagar University) were present.

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