BESCOM installs 10 lakh digital meters in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Aiming to get high accuracy, efficiency and transparency in electricity usage reading, the Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has replaced 10, 74,000 electro mechanical meters with Devise Language Message Specification (DLMS) static meters in Bengaluru Metropolitan Area Zone (BMAZ) as on February 14, 2023. 

In BMAZ, BESCOM has a total of 58,77,000 LT meters of which it has found 17,23,000 electro-mechanical meters after conducting the survey and taking the initiative to replace the same with DLMS static meters from July 2022. 

DLMS static meter has consumer friendly, consumers can avail the data of maximum demand load and voltage information. BESCOM is installing DLMS static meters free of cost to the consumers, said BESCOM Managing Director Mahantesh Bilagi. 

Along with accurate readings of their daily usage of energy, the consumer can also avail the statistics up to two years’ energy reading through their DLMS static meter by submitting a formal application to their BESCOM sub-division office and they can compare the same with their electricity bill.  

Mechanical meters do not have a facility for storing maximum demand load (MD), power factor (PF), and voltage, this would result in losing revenue to the BESCOM in monthly bill collections. 

However, DLMS static meters record all these parameters, if consumers use less energy, like mobile charging, stand by mode of television, zero watts bulbs, it will also be recorded in recorded in DLMS static meters. 

Which could not be recoded in old electro-mechanical meters. With this the actual loss of not recording the electricity actually used by the  consumers are recorded and billed, this is not exorbitant billing, but this will help in saving electricity. Also if consumers use a load that is more than sanctioned load, he has to pay the difference amount to BESCOM. 

Both BESCOM and consumers get the benefit of installing the DLMS static meters for domestic consumption. BESCOM can get exact readings of energy consumption through DLMS and minute energy usage is recorded in the DLMS meter, says BESCOM MD. 

BESCOM has received fewer complaints with regard to the installation of faulty digital meters. consumers can file a complaint to the jurisdictional Additional Executive Engineer regarding the installation of a faulty digital meter, direction was given to AEE to enquiring the complaints and to take necessary action. 

If contractors installed faulty digital meters, standing instruction has been given to the AEEs to take necessary action against concerned electrical contractors, said BESCOM MD.


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