Kovid Mittal’s Feature Documentary Sweeps Awards at International Film Festivals.

This film  is a reminder of how far one was able to push the boundaries and beyond in pursuit of adventure and new experiences.

At the same time, it’s also a thought-provoking reminder of the risks involved with mountaineering through an edge to the screen tale that opens our outlook to the physical and emotional stress the sport takes on an individual.

The feature documentary portrays the quest of an average boy to reach the top of the world Mount Everest, each segment shows a mountain expedition above 6000 meters, 7000 meters respectively in the first two sequels. 

Kovid Mittal’s feature documentary picked up Best Cinematography, Best Travel film awards at Canadian Film Festival, Impact Documentary Festival, Havelock Film Festival respectively, Official selection and Recognition award at various festival runs like Tiete International Film Awards, AIMAFF finalist and special mention , Symbiotic Film Awards and few more.

The sequel two is up for release under the title  “At 23000 Feet” and is doing its sprint at film festivals already. 

Kovid Mittal & team is already setting logistics for the final leg of the feature film. Climbing Everest is not only challenging in terms of physical endurance but also the need for the right financials to back the project should be huge as climbing the top of the world needs huge funds to get the right team, gears and logistics in place.

For now the team behind the movie is very happy as their efforts are getting appreciated at various International Film Festivals and the film did its first official screening on Amazon Prime OTT .

Speaking with Kovid Mittal the actor emphasised these days a lot of music videos & albums are trending on top of the charts on many platforms within a days release and their quality is just average ” I strongly feel there has to be a central regulatory system to ensure deserving storylines, music gets the right viewership. These days it’s more about which Record Label throws in more money and pushes their music up the charts which is just against the ethics, in return which actually hampers the growth of deserving artists and their work .Film Festivals is a great way to showcase one’s canvas of work where the labor and his work gets the right acknowledgement & recognition ” says the skilful lad.

It would be great to see if Kovid Mittal makes it to the top of the Globe in the final leg of the franchise.

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