Karnataka Samskrita University offers wide-spread courses

How about learning a grand language with richness of legacy and literature!! Are you interested in dwelling upon the glorious past of Indian legacy? Who would not be inquisitive to know the musical poetry and romance of Sanskrit literature? Apart from the customary courses, one can become a cultural representative, start a new NGO, become a poet, scholar or philosopher and even a fine-arts expert with the knowledge of Sanskrit. Here is a golden opportunity to realize the dream of learning Sanskrit and literature.

Literature and Sanskrit enthusiasts have a wonderful way of learning the Sanskrit literature, poetry, philosophy and others quite conveniently and systematically. It is quite heartening that Sanskrit classes are being offered in the morning as well as in the evening timings in the metropolitan city of Bangalore.

Various Courses are being offered by the University to cater to all levels of students who aspire to learn and study the Sanskrit literature in-depth. With the implementation of NEP, one can choose from varied subjects and craft his expertise in Sanskrit studies:

* Samskrit Language & Literature

* Yogic Sciences

* Samkhya (Ontology)

* Vyakarana (Grammar)

* Nyaya (Logic and Epistemology)

* Vedanta (Philosophy)

* Alankara (Poetics and Rhetoric)

* Manuscriptology (Palm-Leaves Editing)

  • Ø Vedic literature and other schools of philosophy.

Courses range from preliminary level to advanced levels. Certificate Courses, Diploma, PG Diploma, Undergraduate, Post-Graduate

B.A – Shastri (Sahitya, Alankara, Vyakarana, Dharmashastra, Nyaya, Poorva Mimamsa, Advaita, Vedanta, Dvaita Vedanta, Vishishtadwaita Vedanta, Shakti Vishishtadwaita Vedanta, Jaina Siddhanta, Jyotishya) & Veda Courses

M.A – Acharya (Sahitya, Alankara, Vyakarana, Dharmashastra, Nyaya, Poorva Mimamsa, Adwaita Vedanta, Dwaita Vedanta, Vishishtadvaita Vedanta, Shakti Vishishtadvaita Vedanta, Jaina Siddhanta, Jyotishya) & all Veda Courses.

Research Opportunities: For aspirants who have completed post-graduate studies, Ph.d course-work integrated is offered by the University. Post-graduates in Sanskrit can take up the Ph.D enrollment along with course work. Researchers can avail this research opportunity for Doctoral Degree.

Karnataka Samskrit University has recognized 23 research centers. These centers are epicenters of research in their own field of specialization. Research opportunities are open in these research centers. Many valuable books are published by these research centers. Many workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums are conducted in the research centers.

Facilities of Smart Class and Computer Lab are available in the University. Bus Pass is formally given to Students. Training for competitive examinations related to Sanskrit such as NET and SLET is also given by the University.

“Avail this Golden Opportunity to learn Samskritam!!!”

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Vidwan R Jagannath Poojar: 9036143822

Dr. Shruthi H K: 9482065842

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