[Project Oriented Work for Enterprise or Research]

            ‘POWER’, the signature programmes of KENSRI was conducted in our school on Friday 28 th  July , 2023 for classes VI to XII. Students were given time to set up their projects from 8.10 am to 8.20 am. Judging was done by the experienced teachers of our school based on the following criteria: Collections , Did you know (facts), Curiosity questions, Possible answers , Background & Introduction , Hypothesis, Synopsis,  Experiment , Survey,  Result, Conclusion, Future work , Bibliography, Log Book, Visual aid, Booklet, Oral Presentation , etc.          

           Kensri’ites  actively participated in the POWER programme. Students of Commerce stream gave a presentation on their Business Plan, which was also well appreciated by our mentors. Later the parents were given an opportunity to view the projects. As the Chinese proverb says :

                                                    I hear  I forget

                                                    I see    I remember

                                                    I do and I understand

                By actually doing the experiments, students developed critical thinking skills as well as discovered scientific concepts. They improved their communication and inter personal skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity and improved their writing skills. The POWER programme is a creative venture adopted to inculcate curiosity in the young minds of today, for only when questions arise can answers be sought. Through this programme our institution hopes to create brilliant leaders who will strive to assure the world a better tomorrow.    

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